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Elastomer For Your Mud Motor

The Dyna-Drill Advanced Elastomer Lab has developed improved stator rubber compounds and continues to study the impact of drilling fluids on power section stators to produce the most technologically advanced and efficient down-hole motor equipment in the industry. You’ll be fully equipped with a rheometer, dynamic mechanical thermal analyzer, tensometer, and a drilling fluid immersion oven, and we provide drilling fluid compatibility testing and advanced failure analysis services to all of our customers.

Quality Control

Dyna-Drill’s ultra-modern plant and computerized engineering capabilities merge seamlessly with our sophisticated machining tools and quality-assurance technologies to produce the next generation of power sections and components. Our coordinate measuring machine uses a custom data acquisition software to measure power section rotor and stator core profiles as well as dimensions within .0001 of an inch.


Full Traceability

100% rotor profile inspection

Stator electronic gauges
Tube ultrasound testing
100% inspection of serialized parts

Quality Control

Dyna-Drill power section performance is evaluated on a 1500 hp dynamometer powered by two triplex mud pumps. Our dynamometer is the largest in the industry, and is capable of testing power sections as large as 12 inches in diameter and 300 inches long. Every Dyna-Drill power section design has been proofed on the dynamometer prior to production release, and we provide power sections testing to all our customers.