Power Sections

Demanding applications

Since 1958, Dyna-Drill Technologies has been providing the equipment of choice to oil field and related projects around the world. Recognized as technological leaders, Dyna-Drill products deliver long reliable service while performing in the most demanding applications.

Full range of sizes and speeds

Dyna-Drill power sections provide superior staying power to sustain long production hours and unrivaled mud motor performance in extreme drilling applications. Dyna-Drill power sections can be teamed with mud motors ranging from 2 7/8- to 11 1/2-in diameter. The family of power sections features the MX (medium speed) and proprietary ESX (extra slow speed), in addition to more than 50 other popular models. Quality control is assured on all power section designs through an in-house 1000 hp dynamometer, powered by two triplex mud pumps.

Download Power Section spec sheets (6.9 MB PDF)

DTX Power Sections

ESX Power Sections

Coiled Tubing Power Sections

Rotors & Stators


Power Section Components

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Power Section Lobe Configurations

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